How to Measure Wrought Iron Patio Furniture Glides

Today we're going to show you how to measure the wrought iron chair glides. We get a lot of issues with these being ordered incorrectly so Jeff is gonna explain exactly how to measure them correctly.

Remove the old patio furniture glide

Typically this is done just using a screwdriver you can pry into the gap and pry it off sometimes you'll see the old ring of part of the insert left over inside.

You need to make sure that this hole is completely clean before you do any measuring so a lot of times that little ring you can just simply pry out of there.Then another common problem is the metal - if the cap has not been replaced and has worn into the hole it make it look like a smaller hole than it actually is.

So if you do see metal worn into the hole take a flat head screwdriver and scrape that out of there so that you make sure you order the correct size first time so that you don't have to send them back in exchange or anything.

Measure the diameter of the foot

We want to measure the inside diameter of the hole from the inside edge to the other inside edge and that will give us the correct size. When I put the tape measure between the edges it's a little tricky but it comes out to an inch and a half.

That's the size glide that we're going to use for this wrought iron chair.

Which patio furniture glide should you use?

You have the option of the deluxe, which has a little cleaner look once it's installed. It has a little more finished look to it plus it's a little thicker plastic compared to the old standard these we've seen for so many decades now.

Whichever on you choose they should just fit in and the little ridges will catch down the inside of the tubing.

Another type of wrought iron chair glide is disc caps. Disc glides are made to fit over flat metal washers, unlike the cups. So if you opt for disc glides you need to measure the disc that's on the bottom of the chair and that's going to give you an outside measurement of the disc. That's going to give you the correct size to order for the disc glides.

Hope that helps, when you've done your measuring you can order the correct patio furniture glides from our shop. See you next time!

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