How to Creatively Light Up Your Patio

During warmer weather, you’ll probably want to maximize the use of your patio even after dark. Lighting will help you make the most of your outdoor space, whatever the time of day. Whether you’ve got a small condo balcony or a large garden dining space, there are many different ways to lighten up the area and enjoy your patio furniture after dark.

Natural lighting ideas

There’s something cozy and romantic about sitting by firelight. Candles, lanterns and fire pits are great ways of lighting your patio that are really easy to install. Candle installations can be as traditional as a candle in the middle of your table or as modern as glass installations hanging on strings.

natural lighting patio ideas

Mason jars with tea lights are a popular homemade lighting option. Candles are probably the easiest and cheapest way of illuminating your space. A fire pit or chimenea will add lighting as well as warmth to your garden space. A combination of candles and a fire pit or chimenea will make for a beautifully romantic setting.

Fairy lights

They’re not just for Christmas or children’s bedrooms, fairy lights come in all shapes and sizes these days. Outdoor fairy light garlands are pretty simple to install and can create a really cozy atmosphere outside.

fairy lights patio ideas

They’re really pretty and work well strung across a veranda or against a wall as a backdrop to your patio furniture. You could even intertwine them in your shrubbery for a really magical look.

Low-level lighting

Low-level lighting can highlight parts of your yard that would normally not get attention and can pick out textures and plants that you’d like to highlight. Many people install low-level lighting to add atmosphere to their patio furniture or make steps safer. If you’re planning on installing a deck area, consider your lighting at the same time.

low level patio lighting

Low-level lighting around your decking adds a high-class feel to your outdoor space. Putting them on your steps will ensure there are no after-dark tumbles too! If you’re not rebuilding your patio, there’s no reason you can’t install low-level lighting too. There are many options that are quite simple to install.

Solar lights

If you’re environmentally conscious or want to keep your electricity bills low, you might want to consider solar lights for your patio. With solar lights, however, you do need to be very careful when choosing.

solar patio lights 

If you’re purchasing cheap lights, you might struggle to get any light if they’ve not been exposed to direct sunlight, on cloudy days, for example. There are solar lights out there that offer near mains brightness but they are much more expensive.

Fixed lighting

Fixed lights can kill two birds with one stone. They can both light up your patio and act as a security feature for your home. If you’re opting to install a fixed light, you need to ensure it is suitable to withstand the weather all year round.


In practice, you will probably want to mix up different lighting styles to create the right look and atmosphere on your patio. Lighting can make a huge difference to how you feel about your patio space once the sun goes down so take time to plan and get it right!

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