How to Clean Patio Furniture Mesh

Mesh patio furniture offers the perfect balance between comfort and aesthetic appeal, and this is why they are such a popular choice for homeowners everywhere. These pieces are made of durable material and can last years with proper care. But just like any other furniture, they can get soiled over time. Fortunately, learning how to clean patio furniture mesh is not as hard as most people think. 

In this article, we will give you a run-through on the different ways of how to clean patio furniture mesh, including specific steps for cleaning the different components. We also have recommendations on how often to do the cleaning and which products you can use to achieve the best results. 

Regular and Thorough Cleaning 

According to experts, you should clean your patio furniture at least four times a year. This kind of regular cleaning is the best way to keep your pieces in pristine condition. Ideally, you should clean them at the beginning of spring or summer, or right after you take them out of winter storage, then again before you put them away for the following winter. Cleaning a couple of times through the summer would be advisable as well. 

Immediate Cleaning of Stains and Spill

There will be instances when your patio furniture might take accidental spills of food or drinks. Some substances can quickly stain your furniture, like grease and wine, so you need to clean them without a moment's delay. Also, instant cleaning prevents discoloration of the mesh fabric as the stain bleeds if it is left for too long. 

Proper Way of How to Clean Patio Furniture Mesh Fabric

The steps for cleaning patio furniture mesh are very easy to follow. Start by giving the furniture a rinse with water and then brushing it with a soft brush. The goal is to remove surface dust and dislodge dirt that is stuck into the crevices of the mesh. 

The next step is to clean and use a cleaning solution to actually remove the deep-seated dirt in the mesh. You will find many recommended solutions out there but what we find that works best is two ounces of mild dish soap mixed into a gallon of warm water. 

Use a soft sponge to scrub your patio mesh furniture with the solution, taking care not to scour too roughly as this can cause damage. You can also use a car wash glove or a soft piece of cloth. Begin from the top part of the mesh and work your way downward. Don’t forget to do the back side of the mesh as well. Then, proceed with cleaning the arms and the frame using the same solution and the same gentle scrubbing motions.

When you are done, rinse thoroughly and make sure there are no traces of the cleaning solution left. Use a towel to dry it off and leave it in the open air for complete drying. This is very important in order to prevent the growth of molds and mildew.

How to Clean Plastic Mesh Patio Furniture

The steps for cleaning patio furniture made of plastic mesh are almost exactly the same as the steps described above. However, when it comes to the cleaning solution, combine a gallon of warm water with one cup of powder detergent and one-half cup of oxygen bleach.

An alternative cleaning solution you can use is a cup of white distilled vinegar in a gallon of warm water. This is very effective for stain removal, as well as mildew prevention. For stains that are extra stubborn, you can apply baking soda to the area or clean it with good old rubbing alcohol. 

Final Thoughts

These tips on how to clean patio furniture mesh are not hard to follow at all. No matter which cleaning method you choose, the most important thing to remember is to let it dry completely before using or storing it. If you do this, you can easily keep your outdoor furniture in tiptop shape.

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