How to Clean Bird Poop off Patio Furniture

The sounds of birds chirping while relaxing from your outside living area are a great way to relax, especially during slow times of the day. They're even cute when you see them up close. However, on most days, you cannot ignore the traces they leave; in most cases, it's their poop. How to clean bird poop off patio furniture effectively? Read along to learn more. 

Immediately brush away the dropping

Avoid waiting for days to clean the bird's poop. Suppose you see one on your patio, clean the area with a hard-bristled brush to remove the stains. An old toothbrush can also be another alternative. This keeps the stain away from spreading on your patio. Finally, rinse the area using a hose. 

Use a club soda to loosen the stains

For poop that was stuck hard on the furniture, you must loosen it up. Club soda is a common household ingredient in yourself. Pour some drops of soda over the stained furniture and let it sit for a few minutes before brushing off the liquid. Ensure that the soda does not sit for too long on the wooden furniture to avoid any damage to the wood. 

Use a dull knife

If there is excess poop around the stain, it's ideal to use a dull or plastic knife. An unused credit card can also come in handy. Suppose you're worried about scratching your furniture; you can use a plastic knife. 

Utilize dish soap as an alternative cleaning agent

If you do not have a club soda at home, you can use dish soap and water to remove stains from bird poop. You can combine one tablespoon of your dish soap and two cups of water. After mixing them, pour the solution into the area. Some also use spray bottles to store the solution.

Baking soda is also an option

Most people also use baking soda to clean stains on any furniture at home. It's considered one of the most versatile cleaning solutions at home. You only have to sprinkle some baking soda solution on the stained surface and let it stay there for a few minutes before cleaning it with a cloth. 

Experiment with white vinegar

When baking soda and dish soap are not your options, white vinegar is also an excellent alternative. Combine equal parts of water and the vinegar of your choice and apply the solution to the area using a cloth. Like the dish soap, you can also put the solution in a spray bottle before using it to remove poop stains. 

Try hydrogen peroxide

Another option on how to clean bird poop off patio furniture is using hydrogen peroxide. This alternative cleaning solution is ideal for persistent poop stains. A few drops of hydrogen peroxide are all you need on the stained furniture before rinsing the surface with water. 

An oxygen-based bleach is another remedy

If you have exhausted all efforts and solutions previously mentioned and the stain stayed the same, it's now beneficial to use bleach. Most people create a solution using cold water and oxygen-based bleach. You can either slowly pour some of it on the stained surface or use an old eyedropper. Let the solution stay for at least an hour before wiping it. 

Hire a professional

Lastly, if none of the options on how to clean bird poop off patio furniture work, it can also be ideal for homeowners to hire a cleaning pro. They are equipped with the right tools to make your patio furniture free from stains. 

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