How Do You Fix a Broken Swivel Rocker?

When you use your swivel chair regularly, you can expect some wear and tear over time. While you might be worried about it, these concerns are typical. You only need to make the necessary replacements to keep it turning smoothly again. One of the common issues you’ll encounter when you have a swivel rocker is the fiberglass spring plate. You might be seeing cracks on the plate that call for swivel chair base replacement parts.

Here are some easy straps for fixing your broken swivel rocker:

  1. Remove the old plates. You can use a drill or a socket wrench to remove the small parts that hold everything together. Ensure to keep all the pieces in place while you replace the plates, as they can still be useful when you put in the new spring plate. 
    Remove the old plates

  2. Separate the base from the chair. You might find it hard to remove it. It may take much force to do so. Another tip would be to wiggle it around to break it free.
    Separate the base from the chair

  3. Do not throw the old plates away. You will need them as templates for drilling the correct holes in the new plates. To ensure you get the right swivel chair base replacement parts, put the old plate over the new ones. In most cases, there will be slight differences in terms of the sizes but do not worry—all you need to do is get the proper placement of the hole for the new plates.
    Do not throw the old plates away

  4. Drill holes into the plates. Ensure to place the screw after drilling each to ensure every hole on the new plate is in place.
    Drill holes into the plates

  5. Install the new plates. Attach them to the base of your swivel chair. Remember the swivel chair base replacement parts you kept at the start of the process? Use them to assemble your new spring plates. Additionally, it would be best to have something between the bolt head and the plate. Ensure to put a blank in between to distribute the pressure and keep the new plates from fracturing.
    Install the new plates

  6. Screw the nuts on. This time, you need not have to drill them just yet. You can hand-tighten the nuts to ensure they stay. This gives you a little room to wiggle and adjust once you attach the chair to the base.
    Screw the nuts on

  7. Put the chair onto the spring plate. In most cases, the bolts must slide right into the holes of the new plates. However, if it does not work, you can drill a little more until the bolts fit. Use all the swivel chair base replacement parts you unscrewed. Remember to place the blank again to distribute the pressure evenly.
    Put the chair onto the spring plate

  8. Tighten all the hardware. Ensure the snug fit on the swivel chair base replacement parts. However, remember not to overdo it when tightening, as too much tension might fracture the new plates. Of course, you do not want that. After checking that all the nuts and bolts are correctly assembled, you are good to go.
    Tighten all the hardware

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