4 Reasons to Replace Your Patio Furniture Cushions

Hi it's Jeff with Sunniland Patio, today I want to talk about when to replace your patio furniture cushions. Read the transcript below or watch the video. Welcome to my shop.

When to replace your cushions

Well let's face it if we're having this conversation, then you probably need to replace your cushions now, just kidding!

There can be a lot of reasons you want to replace your cushions.

1. Broken seams Often the seams may be breaking down after many years if harsh chemicals were used a lot of times that's the first place to go is on those seams.

2. Flattening out Your foam or polyester batting inside may be breaking down after so much use. Just like an old sofa.

3. Stains those stains can be tough sometimes, and on inferior quality fabrics what can happen is if you try and use chemicals it'll bleach out the fabric or leave a blotchy looking stain and a lot of times you only get one chance to reverse it. Then after you use that chance then there's no other option to replace it.

4. You just want to refresh the look. Let's say you've had it 5 to 10 years and it's just time to change the look and it's certainly less costly to just replace the cushion so that can be a good option to update and refresh.

Replacing your cushions is a good option for you check out our website. We offer a lot of different brands. We have the patterns for Ebel furntiure,Cast Classics, Brown Jordan and Hanamint just to name a few. We have a lot of patterns for different brands of furniture, we may not have them all but we have quite a few.

Also check out our universal replacement cushions - those can be a nice less costly option for a lot of different sized cushions as well so hope this is helpful in your buying decisions and thanks for watching.

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