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Table Rim Attachment Clip Item #30-915 | Pack of 8

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  • Qty: 8
  • 1.42" X .77"
  • Screws into table leg to attach rim to table leg. (Screw not included.)
  • Manufacturers use a variety of methods to secure the glass to the rim. Parts are U.S. standard size, not metric and fit aluminum frames.
  • Free on orders over $150 shipped via UPS ground.(Excluding furniture. Continental USA only.)

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Sunniland Patio provides a wide variety of square glides, disk caps, disk glides and chair leg inserts for your outdoor patio and pool furniture. Glides and inserts are not specific to any manufacturer in particular and therefore, actual dimensions and part numbers should be your reference when ordering.

Shipping times 1-2 days.

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