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Which Patio Umbrella Base is Right for You?

Which Patio Umbrella Base is Right for You?

Not all umbrellas are sold with a base, but this is a necessary piece of equipment you will need. Once you know a little about table bases and what you should be looking for, it’s easy to navigate the range that can be found online and in stores. Here are some factors that you should consider, in order to find the base that is right for you:

A base that fits your umbrella

Make sure that whatever umbrella base you choose, it has a hole that is big enough to accommodate the pole from your umbrella. Most umbrellas have a pole with a 1.5” diameter, so make sure that your base has a stem diameter that is no smaller than that (although most bases are designed with a stem diameter of 1.5” - 2”, so there is room).

You should also consider how high the stem is (the part that the umbrella pole stands in). The higher the stem, the greater stability it provides for your umbrella, although this is slightly less important than the weight of the base.

A base that is heavy enough to anchor your umbrella

The purpose of an umbrella base is to hold the umbrella steady while it is in use. The larger the umbrella canopy, the heavier the base needs to be, to maintain the balance of the umbrella, especially in harsh weather conditions.

One that is designed for your specific use

As you are browsing the different models, you will notice that each table base will state that it is either for table use, or freestanding. Table use indicates that this base should be used for an umbrella that is going to be placed through the center of an outdoor table. These kinds of bases are usually slightly lighter, and smaller, so that they can comfortably fit underneath a table without getting in the way of the table legs or supports, or anyone’s feet. The table provides some support for the umbrella, which means that a heavier base is not always necessary.

Alternatively, a freestanding base is for an umbrella that stands alone, without the support of a table. These bases are the sole thing that keeps the umbrella upright and steady, so they tend to be heavier, and often take up slightly more space than a table base. As a result of this, freestanding bases are often more expensive, so if you know that your umbrella will go inside a table, you may wish to seriously consider just getting a table use base.


Some table bases come equipped with wheels, which allows for easy transporting of the umbrella. If you plan to leave your umbrella in a single spot this is a somewhat expensive and unnecessary feature, but if you know that you plan to move the umbrella around, this may be a wise investment to look into. 

Sunniland Patio has a great range of table bases for you to browse, so that you can find something that you like. The website is clear and easy to understand, so you can see all the information you need to find the right base for your umbrella. And if you are still struggling to find the perfect match, feel free to get in touch with the team, who are always happy to provide expert assistance. 

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