Where to Buy Vinyl Strapping for Patio Chairs

Unfortunately for you, your patio chairs or sun lounger have seen better days. The chair itself is robust, but the strapping is past its best, maybe even broken. So, what do you do? The answer is right here! You buy vinyl strapping for patio chairs to replace it yourself, that’s what!  But, where do you buy such vinyl strapping? How do you know what type to buy?

Let’s break it down. There are essentially two ways of replacing the vinyl strapping. You can buy replacement pre-cut straps, or you can buy by the foot or even on a roll. Stores like ours sell vinyl strapping in these two ways. We sell the straps pre-cut to the right size, or vinyl strap rolls. You can use vinyl strapping for a vast array of products such a patio chairs, patio furniture and any kind of outdoor furniture. We stock a variety of colors for straps, and you're bound to find the perfect on for you!

The vinyl is also commercial quality and has been extruded for use outdoors. There are even UV inhibitors to protect it from sun-damage. The pre-cut lengths have also been punched ready for applying to your old chairs.

We have a cost-effective way of making your outdoor furniture new again. Our strapping is made from 100% virgin vinyl without any fillers either. And we also stock pre-cut strapping, which is the easiest way of replacing the straps on your furniture. However, we do not accept returns on ordered pre-cut straps.

Of course, there are other places where vinyl strapping can be bought. There’s like Amazon who sells a range of vinyl strapping in different widths, lengths and colors. You can even pick up brand-new replacement vinyl strapping from eBay! It comes in just as many colors as the others and in the same widths and lengths.

I’m sure you’ll agree that there are so many options available to fix your old patio chairs. And, for a little bit of money, you’ll have your old chairs looking brand spanking new again! You know what they say, make do and mend! It’s better to reuse and recycle than to put things in landfill in our ever-full and ever-polluted world. With buying replacement strapping, you are half the way there!

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