What You Need to Know About Patio Chair Replacement Fabric

Outdoor living areas never go out of style. In most cases, you would always see one or two chairs on the patio of every home. Since these things are always placed outside, factors like sunlight, rain, wind, and dust might affect the quality of these chairs. Suppose you're looking for a patio chair replacement fabric; it might be beneficial to see the list of some of the common and reliable ones in the market today. 

Patio Furniture Fabrics


Acrylic fabric

This fabric is durable, resistant to weather, and potential tear when used regularly. It can survive through molds and mildews and even hold up against rubbing and tearing. Since the threads of the fabric are dyed before they are woven, it allows the textile to keep the color longer, even if exposed to direct sunlight. It's also ideal for patio chair replacement fabric since acrylic is water-resistant and breathable. 

For homes experiencing high temperatures, acrylic is a better option as it can stay cooler during the hot weather. Most people would recommend this fabric for outdoor throw pillows, chairs, furniture cushions, and patio umbrellas. 

Polyester fabric

Polyester is sturdy and flexible. Additionally, this fabric resists staining and water damage. This fabric is a synthetic material that is coated with vinyl or acrylic. You can also consider this fabric for your patio chairs, as it is tear-resistant and dries quickly. One thing that stands out for polyester fabrics is their brighter colors and more intricate patterns. However, it's also worth noting that colors and patterns might not last long when exposed to too much direct sunlight.

Polyester fabric coated with acrylic is ideal for pillows and accents. Meanwhile, those covered with vinyl have a plastic-like texture that can be used in seat and back slings, umbrellas, screens, and other things where there's less contact with your skin. 

Patio Sofa Foam Types


Besides getting a suitable patio chair replacement fabric, it also pays to look for the core foam you can use for your patio chairs. 

Open cell foam

You can easily distinguish this from others as it has pores allowing water to flow through it quickly. Using this along with your favorite fabric gives a comfortable and relaxed feeling to whoever uses the chair and pillows with open cell foams. 

Closed cell foam

Suppose you'll have cushions for your patio chair which is buoyant and repels water; then this type of foam is better. 

Polyethylene Terephthalate Foam (PET)

For a more sustainable option, PET foams are ideal for you. They're recyclable, durable, and can provide generous support for outdoor upholstery. 

Polyurethane Foam

You might discover this foam as you shop for the best patio chair replacement fabric. Polyurethane foams are resistant to physical damage. 

Polyester foam

This is also another affordable alternative to traditional foam. It's easy to wash and dry quickly. 

Final Thoughts

While you can always base your patio chair replacement fabric choice on personal preferences, it's also ideal to ensure you get a durable and affordable fabric. It assures you that you can get the benefits of what you paid for. 

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