Rectangle Umbrellas for a Modern Patio

Finding the right umbrella can be the perfect finishing touch for your patio. You have spent so much time and effort creating an outdoor living space, you can finally enjoy it. Umbrellas are a crucial component because not only do they provide much-needed shade, but they stand out. They are big and bulky, and even when they are folded, they still command attention. That’s why it can be so important to try and find the right one.

If you have designed a modern patio, you deserve a modern-style umbrella to go along with your theme. Rectangular umbrellas are a relatively new trend, but they might be just what you are looking for. As the name might suggest, they offer a rectangular shade, as opposed to more traditional square or octagonal shapes.

Modern patios tend to favor sleek, minimalist designs. The no-fuss rectangular shape stands out but doesn't necessarily detract from any other design elements, which is what you want. A rectangular umbrella will functionally provide the shade you need while helping to elevate the style of the area it covers.

At Suniland Patio, our umbrella shades come in a range of different colors, from muted neutrals to bright patterns. Modern designs tend to occupy all areas of the color spectrum, so we have provided umbrellas that match. Whether you want your umbrella to become a bright feature or simply blend in, your modern styles do not need to be compromised.

Aside from design, there is a major practical benefit to owning a rectangle umbrella. Many outdoor patio tables are rectangular. You want to be able to purchase an umbrella that will provide shade for everyone sitting down, not just some. Sun loungers or other outdoor furniture may be arranged in a way that is not perfectly square, and may also require more rectangular shade for maximum coverage.

With a rectangular umbrella, you may find that you can use your shade far more economically. If your outdoor setup is naturally rectangular-shaped, you don’t need an extra-large square umbrella that provides large amounts of unnecessary shade on some sides, as well as the shade that you do want. In some cases this will allow you to downsize your umbrella, saving you money. It also means that you can enjoy the sun in other areas of your patio, giving you the best of both worlds.

Developments in the engineering of umbrellas have made rectangular umbrellas just as useful as other styles. If you purchase a rectangular umbrella from a reputable company, then it should be just as sturdy and strong as a more evenly designed octagonal or square umbrella. Your rectangular umbrella should not tip over or seem unsteady due to its uneven weight distribution across all four sides.

If you need more inspiration for umbrellas to suit modern patios, browse through our new range of umbrellas. We are constantly updating our products to reflect the latest developments in style, quality, and technology. Our umbrellas come in a number of different sizes and heights allowing you to find the right dimensions for your home.

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