3 Reasons You Need Chair Leg Protectors for Your Patio Furniture

I know what you're thinking; I've thought it too. You buy an expensive set of patio furniture and some years down the line a little piece of plastic has fallen off. It's just an insignificant bit, why would you even bother replacing it?

You may even have found that piece of plastic on the floor and wondered where did that come from?! It's only when you sit on the chair later on, and hear that horrible scrape along the floor, that you realise just what it was for!

1. Chair leg protectors protect your flooring

That's right, a major reason you need to buy feet caps or chair leg protectors is to stop your outdoor patio furniture ruining your floor. Sure it's the outside, but believe me you'll notice that scratch along your decking or Spanish ceramic tiles once it's there. And flooring is much more expensive to replace that a teeny-weeny piece of plastic. Even if you don't have fancy outside flooring, chairs being chairs, they get moved around a lot and the uncapped foot of an outdoor chair can cause a lot of damage inside your house, particularly if you've got lovely wooden floors made from a softer wood (see below)


2. Chair leg protectors also protect your chairs!

This one might sound obvious but chair leg protectors aren't there to make the bottom of your furniture look pretty! As well as protecting the floor from scrapes and scratches they prevent the chair leg from scrapes and scratches. If you've got a rough outdoor surface, particularly around a swimming pool, that's really going to grind the metal down if there's no cap to protect it. If you have metal furniture, plastic feet will also prevent against rust and will make sure your chair lasts for much longer than it would do without a cap.

3. Chair leg protectors make your furniture stable

Everybody hates a wobbly chair. Chair leg protectors cap insert or cup the feet of your furniture by adding an extra layer of protection, so if you're missing one, even if it's only a fraction of an inch thick, it's going to wobble. That's what that spare beer mat is for right?! Wrong. Why waste your time trying to wedge something underneath it again and again (they always move) when you could just buy a replacement online. Our chair leg protectors come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and cost as little as $0.40 a cap! For that price why would you bother with a ramshackle repair job? 

Which chair leg protector will fit my patio furniture?

For the definitive guide to chair leg protectors download our extremely useful Guide to Glides, which is the industry term for feet caps. But if you're pressed for time, here's a quick rule of thumb to make sure you buy the right cap as there are many different types.

  • If  the chair leg protector installs inside a hollow leg its an insert.
  • If the chair leg protector installs outside a solid leg its a cap.
  • If the chair leg protector installs in a cup like holder at the bottom of the leg then its a cup.

Go ahead, make your furniture new in no time, your floors & your guests will thank you for it.

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