How To Order The Right Vinyl Strap Roll

If you’re replacing the vinyl strapping on your patio chairs, chaise lounges or ottomans there are two options for buying new vinyl straps online: you can either buy them pre-cut or buy the vinyl strap roll and make them yourself. Both options will yield you new straps, however buying the straps pre-cut saves you time but getting the strap roll allows you to make more straps if you need them in bulk.

For the purposes of this blog post, lets explore how to order the correct vinyl strap roll for your home project. If you like videos better, here's the video tutorial:

Step 1Screen

First, we need to measure the width of the old strap, so that we can order the correct width of our new strap roll. There are two sizes 1.5 inch and 2 inches sold as standard. Its important to note that if your old strap was stretched out, the width will usually measure somewhere between these two sizes stated above, pick the size that is closest to the measurement you get.

Step 2

Next, we'll determine which size roll you'll need, there are three sizes: 50-foot-roll, 100-foot-roll, and 200-foot-roll. It's fairly simple to determine the quantity of the roll that will yield you the correct amount of straps for your project. Lets do some simple math:

Measure the size of the strap in inches and multiple it by how many straps you need. This will give you the total number of inches needed, divide that by 12 and you get the amount of vinyl strap feet needed for your project.

So for example, lets say that your current strap measures 20 inches long, and you have 30 straps on the chair. Multiply 20 by 30 and divide it by 12, which gives you 50 Feet. You will effectively need 50 feet of vinyl strap to make 30 straps for your project.


If youre still unsure of which strap roll to pick, or of how to make straps you can always send us an email to, and or send us your measurements and well pre-cut the straps for you and send them over mail.

Once you know which vinyl strap roll is the right one for your project, simply go ahead and order it here.

Happy Fixing!

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