How To Furnish a Small Condo Balcony Without Sacrificing Style & Comfort

How To Furnish a Small Condo Balcony Without Sacrificing Style & Comfort

Just because your outside space is small, doesn’t mean you’re limited in choice on what to do with it! You can still get as much enjoyment out of a small condo balcony as you can a larger patio, you just need to be a little savvier when organizing your space. Let’s look at the steps involved to get you a great outdoor space that’s stylish and comfortable.

Size and furniture choice

Knowing the size and layout of your space is really important when choosing your patio furniture. Not only do you need to know what will fit into the area but you also need to bear in mind how it will look. Obviously, you don’t want your space to be swamped by a large furniture set, even if it does fit.

 balcony furniture

Plan out your layout before going ahead with any purchases. Think about how it will look and feel when it’s in use. Can everyone fit around the table comfortably? Can the seats be accessed easily? Are people going to be rubbing shoulders quite literally with one another?

Style of patio furniture

If you’re wanting to be able to have romantic candlelit dinners, a bistro set is ideal for your balcony. Typically, you get a small, high table and two high-backed chairs. For those of you who simply prefer a quiet drink of a summer evening, you could opt for a lower table and chair set.

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For the more ‘out there’ designs, you could even install a hammock or swing chair on your balcony! Your imagination is the only thing holding you back!


Patio furniture, of course, is an important investment when designing your small condo balcony but it is by no means the only aspect to need consideration. Outdoor cushions, rugs, and throws can really add stylish detail to your outdoor space. With the right combination of patio furniture accessories, you can enjoy your balcony even in chillier weather! Another must for your small condo balcony is an array of plants!

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This needs a bit more consideration than patio furniture and soft furnishings. Why? Well, you need to consider 2 things with plants. The first being the right type of plants for the location of your space. Balconies in full sunlight will benefit from different types of plants to shady spaces. Secondly, you need to consider realistically how often they’re going to get watered and how easy they are to look after. Finally, you need to consider lighting. Since a balcony usually shares a wall with your home, you have lots of different lighting options. You could opt for some outdoor electrical lighting, more romantic garland lighting, or even rely on lanterns and candles for a cozy evening atmosphere!

Style, comfort, and space

There is no reason why a small condo balcony can’t be the best place in your home on a sunny day! All it takes is a bit of careful planning and organizing and you can enjoy your space as much as someone with a large patio!

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