FAQs About Vinyl Straps For Patio Chairs

Buying replacement parts for patio furniture can be confusing as there are so many sizes and types to choose from. Here's a handy list of frequently asked questions that our customers ask when buying vinyl straps for patio chairs.

Should I buy vinyl straps for patio chairs by the roll?

This is the cost-effective solution but it does require a bit of DIY. If you're quite handy you'll be able to measure and snip the vinyl from the roll with no problem, particularly if you have a pair of tin snips in your garage. If you don't use the whole roll you can store it for later so next time a chair needs fixing you've got everything you need to hand and you can get started right away. 

How Much Vinyl roll Should I Order?

On average, you can get approximately 50 vinyl replacement straps from a 100-foot roll of vinyl strapping. Count the straps you need to replace. Your average chaise lounge usually has around 35 straps so if you're refreshing the whole set you'll need a 100 foot roll, because a 50 foot roll will only make around 25 straps. 

Should I buy pre-cut vinyl straps for patio chairs?

Generally, if you've only got a one strap that's missing and you don't want excess roll gathering dust for years to come until next time you need it, buying pre-cut is the best option for you. Let's be honest there's also too much clutter even in the most well organised of garages. 

Also if you're not too confident with your DIY skills and want to be extra sure you've got the right size strap neatly snipped to size, buying precut straps will also be the best option for you. 

Which Size pre-cut straps Should I Order?

If you have 1 3/8” wide vinyl you will need to order 1-1/2”.
If you have 1 3/4” wide vinyl you will need to order 2”.
Vinyl straps are cut shorter than the hole to hole measurement on your chair. When the vinyl is heated and stretched onto the frame, it will narrow down a bit. Therefore, you must order the larger width. See our blog for further info on how to measure your sling correctly.

What other parts for patio chairs do I need?

You'll need to buy rivets to fix the vinyl into the hole on the frame. The vinyl doesnt come with fastenings. Make sure you buy the right size rivet depending on whether you are replacing a single or double wrapped strap. Look at rivets in the shop here. 

How do I know if my patio chair is single wrapped or double wrapped?

An easy guide is if you can't see the rivet heads or the slots that the straps go into, your lounger is double-wrapped. Learn how to install vinyl straps for patio chairs in our blog, just click: single-wrapped or double-wrapped to find the correct video tutorial.

Can I convert a double-wrapped chair to a single-wrapped chair?

Yes, but you might need to make some adjustments. Usually the rivet holes for double-wrapping are positioned on the bottom of the frame. If you use these holes for single-wrapping, the rivets might pull out because the strap only wraps the frame half way round.

The rivet holes for single-wrapped straps are usually positioned inside of the frames, so the strap will be in contact with 3/4 of the frame, This means more friction and less sideways strain on the rivets. So just to be on the safe side you should drill new holes on the inside of the frame. Jeff covers the possibility of drilling in additional holes in the video on how to install single wrap straps here.  

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