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Please allow 2-3 weeks for cutting/sewing/shipping of slings

This custom ottoman replacement sling is made with the top quality vinyl weave fabric of your choice. We use heavy duty thread for durability.

How To Measure The Sling?

  • Leaving the sling fabric on the ottoman, grab a measuring tape and start by measuring the width and the length of the visible fabric of the ottoman.
  • Measure the sling rod (plastic stick) too, we've two sizes to choose from 1/4" and 7/32".

How To Order The Correct Size?
Now that you have your measurements select them from our drop down menus.

  • Select sling rod size
  • Select Front Width
  • Select Back Width
  • Select Length
  • Select sling fabric

Have questions? 
Contacts us via our live chat or call us, we'll help you with measuring or ordering the correct sling for your patio sling chair.

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