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Tightly-Woven Wicker forms comforting back to basics bodies and arms, while sophisticated stainless steel legs add style and strength. A wide variety of unique pieces offer a wealth of customizable options. 


Collection Includes: 

  • Elements 30: Square end Table 
  • Elements 42" Square Dining Table
  • Elements 60" Rectangular Cocktail Table
  • Elements 71" Rectangular Dining Table 
  • Elements Armless Chaise with Loom Back 
  • Elements Armless Dining Chair 
  • Elements Armless Lounge Chair with Loom Back
  • Elements Armless Settee With Loom Back 
  • Elements Chaise 
  • Elements Corner Sectional with Loom Back 
  • Elements Dining  Arm Chair 
  • Elements Large Ottoman 
  • Elements Left Arm Chaise with Loom, Arm and back
  • Elements Left Arm Lounge Chair with Loom, Arm and Back 
  • Elements Left Arm Settee with Loom. Arm, and Back
  • Elements Lounge Chair with Loom, Arms, Back. 
  • Elements Lounge Chair with Stainless Steel Arms and Back 
  • Elements Ottoman
  • Elements Right Arm Chaise with Loom,Arm and Back 
  • Elements Right Arm Lounge Chair with Loom Arm and Back
  • Elements Right Arm Settee With Loom, Arm and Back
  • Elements Settee with Loom, Arm and Back
  • Elements Settee with Stainless Steel Arms and Back 


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